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Clarice Lispector's short stories for big and small people

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“Thinking Game", conceived and directed by Vanessa Bruno, proposes a game where the act of “thinking” is the main character together with memories and concerns of a young narrator that the actress Isabel Wilker plays with great ability.” 


Monica Rodrigues da Costa| Guia da Folha| 2014

Created from eight short stories published by Clarice Lispector in Jornal do Brasil between 1967 and 1973, the show presents childhood memories and daydreams of all ages through Clarice’s texts, such as: Felicidade Clandestina; Restos do Carnaval; Come, Meu Filho; Uma Esperança; Sou Uma Pergunta; Das Vantagens de ser Bobo; Se Eu Fosse Eu and Brincar de Pensar. The play was conceived and directed by Vanessa Bruno with the collaborative creation of the actors Isabel Wilker, Livia Vilela, and Cesar Genaro. The show is an invitation to imagine, to ask, to remember, to doubt, to understand and to feel through Clarice Lispector’s words in a mise en scène that uses videos, music and games proposed by the actors. Created to welcome parents and children, the show is especially suitable for kids from the age of 8, who are already in contact with reading and writing.


THINKING GAME debuted in September 2013, at the former Centro da Cultura Judaica, in the Mostra Palcos Festival. It also performed at MuBe Cultural Theater, in São Paulo. In March of 2014 it ran at Livraria da Vila’s Theater and in September of the same year performed at SESC Pinheiros. It also had presentations in Virada Cultural, at São José do Rio Preto and at SESC São José dos Campos. In September of 2016 performed at Eugênio Kusnet Arena Theater, along with another show from VULCÃO, the monologue PULSE. In 2017 it ran at Décio de Almeida Prado Theater, in São Paulo.



Vanessa Bruno


Assistant Director

Livia Vilela



Isabel Wilker, Livia Vilela and Luiz Felipe Bianchini (stand-in Elisa Volpatto)


Dramaturgy Support

Michele Ferreira



Lucas Pretti and Rafael Frazão


Lighting Designer

Isadora Giuntini



Edson Secco


Costume and Set Design

Ronaldo Dimer


Theme Song

Tatiana Parra and Fabio Barros


Graphic Design

Cezar Siqueira



Paulo Salvetti




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