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from Clarice Lispector's work 

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Clarice Lispector is a “Brazilian born in Ukraine” who has a very particular writing. WATERS of THE WORLD is a monologue based on her romance "Uma Aprendizagem ou Livro dos Prazeres”. It shows us the meeting of a woman with the learning on her own pleasure and her learning on living and loving. It presents kind of an inside out Odyssey, where it is the woman who undertakes the crossing in search of her own identity, while a man, Ulysses, waits for her. The fragmented narrative keeps Clarice's poetic writing in the third person as a thought flow, and sometimes like a dialogue with a more direct conversation. The show seeks to discuss the woman’s condition, their relationship with pleasure, freedom and equality in the relationship with the other person.


Conceived by actress and director Vanessa Bruno, the project was the starting point of her master's research on Performing Arts at Escola de Comunicação e Artes of São Paulo University (ECA/USP). In this research Vanessa creates procedures for actors to work with Lispector's literature on the scene. The same procedures were experimented in other VULCÃO creations (THINKING GAME, PULSE and THE PAIN), all directed by Vanessa.


WATERS of THE WORLD had its preview on May 2, 2019 at SESC Santo Amaro, in Recife, the city where Lispector spent her childhood. In July of the same year it had presentations at Teatro de Contêiner, in São Paulo, along with PULSE and THE PAIN, that together make up the TRILOGY of MONOLOGUES of VULCÃO.



Vanessa Bruno


Stage Manager and Movement Director

Livia Vilela


Vocal Preparation

Paula Mihran


Music Preparation

Zeca Loureiro


Costume and Set

Anne Cerutti



Edson Secco


Light Designer

Rodrigo Campos



Gabriela Rocha


Make Up


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